Garbage Island and Global Warming

It was warm when it snowed yesterday, the sharpness in the fair from the damage done by 4 flight paths over one city. The skies opening.

The last time I was booked in for a new material night at Downstairs At The King’s Head I wrote this poem for it.

On the day I couldn’t do it, I stayed in bed, didn’t even call the promoter or reply to his messages. I couldn’t bring that tension to that night, it was clear to me I was fighting the wrong battle.

(It’s not supposed to be double spaced, but I’m bad at technology)

There is a place out in the Pacific Ocean called Garbage Island

All the ships from around the world dump rubbish into that part of the ocean and the waves pull all that rubbish into one mass

Garbage island is shaped like an iceberg, only the tip is above the surface

Scientists estimated it to be as big as Texas

Then thought ‘that can’t be right’ and returned to measure it again

And found Texas was the smallest estimate and it could be as big as North America; USA, Canada and Mexico put together

It’s all on Wikipedia, people say ‘oh but you can’t trust Wikipedia’, but there are links to footnotes full of references to reputable newspapers and journals that have published news and reports on Garbage Island

People are too cynical about everything, but it’s a barrier, they can’t really face anything negative.

David Attenborough will never host a show called Garbage Planet

I think Garbage Island is the most democratic place in the world.

You can fly to New Delhi or Johannesburg and see all the poorest locals throwing their own garbage away.

Adding to the pile.

If there is a continent of garbage, maybe that’s why we all have a small part of us that feels bad all the time.

Maybe that’s why when things go wrong we think we’re looking towards the USA or China or the Middle East, but really we’re looking along that axis and past them all. At that pile of garbage.

I hope it will be a profession one day.

To go out to Garbage Island, find a way to blow it up bit by bit, catch the remnants, find something to do with them.

Until then I feel uncomfortable in supermarket aisles

What about all the regular bins as you walk down the street? Where’s the recycling there?

We live in a world where we’ve tried to find a financial solution to everything.

The European Union was designed to be a financial solution to war, creating a free market.

Now the Conservatives hate the European Union but love the free market.

And the Labour Party love the European Union but hate the free market.

Everyone now talks about Neoliberalism but in the 1970s the dominant theory in International Relations was Neorealism

Neorealism was the belief that every country in the world should have nuclear weapons and then there would be a universal deterrent to war

These are the experts we listen to, these are the ideas they think of.

People act like Trump’s going to start World War Three

But it started on 9/11, we’ve destroyed a region since, and not a small region.

If you want to confuse people, tell them the truth.

Deaths in Iraq are down from 1000 a month to 200 a month under Trump

The lowest they’ve been since Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for foreign affairs

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