End of novel week

Thanks for reading. I’ll be posting excerpts 6-10 between Monday, February 25 and Friday March 1st – then continue posting in the last week of each month.

If I’ve asked for your feedback on the work so far, email joshuaross@live.co.uk

I have the following weeks planned inbetween now and then

February 4th-8th – Jongleurs – working in the call centre of a failing comedy business, their lack of an accountant, the comedians that turned up to sit in for their money only to find out there was just me there they’d gigged with 2 weeks ago, the race riot that nearly broke out, and how this contributed to the ‘free’ pay what you want comedy model that destroyed the London circuit.

February 11th-15th – ‘My Grandad Knew George Orwell’ – the story of their time in the National Service and comparing 1984 with 2019 (beyond the crap guardianista white rap crap of ‘talk about BREXIT, talk about TRUMP, a more filtered history than FORREST GUMP’

February 18th-22nd – My social media meltdown in 2016 – the method to the madness. A study in bipolar disorder meets guerrilla marketing.

“rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated” Joshua Ross


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